Study form: daytime study / distance learning
Level of education: vocational special education
Requirements to start studies: secondary education
Field: medicine and social services
Study period: 2 years and 1 month
Documents issued at graduation: certificate of state vocational special education for masseurs and a marks sheet.

Masseurs have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to work as a massage specialist in the field, and social readiness to find diverse, creative and innovative solutions to clients’ health problems. They are willing to work in the open labour market in companies offering massage services or as a self-employed person, and to continue studies in institutions of higher education and/or specialize to be a massage therapist.

Masseurs’ work involves clients’ massaging to restore their physical and mental capacity, prevent health problems, strengthen the body’s overall resistance and contribute to their high spirits. Masseurs counsel and guide clients and, if necessary, recommend to consult a healthcare professional.

Curriculum structure:

  1. Modules of main courses 107 EKAP (Estonian vocational education credit points)
    1. Career planning and entrepreneurship 12 EKAP
    2. Evaluation of human body’s structure, performance and condition 24,5 EKAP
    3. Massage and its providing 33,5 EKAP
    4. Practical work 32 EKAP
    5. Compilation of a research project 5 EKAP
  2. Modules of elective courses 18 EKAP
    1. Spa therapy and procedures 12 EKAP
    2. Basics of Chinese massage 3 EKAP
    3. Japanese massage 6 EKAP
    4. Kinesio taping (elementary level) 1 EKAP
    5. Animal massage 3 EKAP
    6. Yoga training 2 EKAP
    7. Pilates 2 EKAP
    8. Alexander’s technique 2 EKAP