About our school

Eesti Massaaži- ja Teraapiakool (EMTK) – Estonian Massage and Therapy School is a leading educational institution in the field of massage in Europe; the masseur’s curriculum is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science. Our graduates have helped Estonian Olympic winners to gain their top form since 2001 already. They are also actively involved in the process of disease prevention and treatment. Massage provided by certified animal therapists, works wonders for your four-legged pets.

People who have attended our short courses help through their skilful touch make the world a better place.

EMTK is characterized by high qualification and experience of the teachers, a wide choice of massage types they teach, and top-class facilities. We firmly believe that everyone who has discovered that their calling is massage and therapy, has a talent. During studies we help people to become friends with their talent and to shape their particular style as a future specialist. That is why EMTK graduates are highly valued sports, children, animal and therapeutic massage providers as well as spa specialists. In the EMTK massage salons our teachers, graduates and students offer various types of body treatment.

The mission of Estonian Massage and Therapy School is to improve the quality of people’s life by educating and inspiring masterly, sympathetic and patient-centred top performers in therapy and massage.

Estonian Massage and Therapy School is a valued leader in the field in Estonia and in neighbouring countries, providing comprehensive and person-centred training for practitioners and the general public. We favour Estonian residents with the best massage service. We encourage people to achieve and maintain a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

Commitment – We love what we do, and do it with passion, care and responsibility.
Person-centredness – We work individually with each student so that they find suitable types of massage and working habits, to get best results in the long run.
Quality – For us it is important to provide teachers with high qualification, best technical equipment and high-level teaching materials. Also, we promote the good name and quality of the massage therapist’s profession in general.
Experience – We have 15 years of experience as an overall leader in the massage field in Estonia and abroad.
Holistic approach – For us, training is a holistic process that considers specific characteristics of each student and client.