Order a course to your place!

Did you find a suitable course but it doesn’t take place in a town or at a time suitable for you? Or maybe you’d like to surprise your friends with a fun and interesting course? We also carry out courses at our clients’ places. Estonian Massage and Therapy School is a leading school in this area within Estonia and in nearby countries. We offer interesting and mind-broadening courses and workshops on the subject, in a way and in a location suitable for you. We compile the format of the course according to the wishes of the client, approaching the subject in a more theoretical or in a more practical way. If you want us to come and train your friends, colleagues or others, let us know. To let us know about your wishes, write us at  jennye.lillinurm@massaaz.ee and add the following:

  • name
  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • desired course
  • time of training
  • place of training
  • additional information

If you wish to have more information, write us kursused@massaaz.ee or call +372 51 99 40 18; +372 66 46 190