Massage in Tallinn

Maestro Alexei Turovski has said: “Massage sends all mammals from birth to death. Homo sapiens or a human being is a mammal, too.”

It is known that massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment, which was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

In Estonia we are the only educational institution to train professional masseurs and provide best massage services. Massage is provided based on the “subscriber’s” material and at the best price, high quality is guaranteed.

Our masters, apprentices and students are awaiting to give you massage in Tallinn  – Mustamäe and Lasnamäe. A friendly explanation of what, at what price and where, is provided in the table below and in the salons.

Address of Tallinn salons:

Kadaka tee 4, 10621 Tallinn

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Linnamäe tee 3, Tallinn (Lasnamäe Tervisemaja)

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