Massage for gregnant women

Pregnancy is a very important time in every woman’s life. Pregnancy itself is not a disease, but a normal physiological state of every woman, although changes bring a lot of discomfort and often pain. The stress caused by carrying a baby makes many women wonder how to find relief for them? One of the simple and natural options is massage. Due to the situation, the mother is responsible for both her own life and the life of the unborn child, so the safety of the massage comes to the forefront. In reality, massage is mostly safe and necessary for an expectant mother. You must definitely contact an experienced and competent masseuse. If the doctor or midwife has not discovered abnormalities in the normal course of pregnancy or in the state of health, you can safely come for a massage for pregnant women.

The massage does not have to end when the baby is born. New mothers are invited to our massage to make up for the lack of sleep at night and the extra stress associated with taking care of a child. A swimming pool awaits babies on the first floor of our house. Babies are welcome as soon as the navel has healed

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